Revisit Assumptions/Assertions about LIS

April 13, 2013

In what ways have your assumptions changed or evolved, and what has remained the same?

I would have to say that my assumptions and beliefs about LIS have for the most part stayed the same. I still assume that possessing a MLIS is necessary in order to succeed in the profession, and beyond. One thing I learn more and more every week is that LIS is more complex than people may realize. I also still assume that earning my MLIS will help me find a good job that I am passionate about and love doing. I still believe that libraries and librarians are essential. Also, I still believe that in order to stay essential, libraries and librarians need to change and adapt with the times. People will always be curious and librarians will be there to help them find what they seek, even if it is using an e-book or electronic database, or a source other than a book. Yes, my assumptions and beliefs have not really changed in these past few months.

What have you learned thus far through the class and from your colleagues that have made you think differently about LIS as a discipline and a profession?

I have learned that there is so much more one can do with a MLIS than people may realize. Through researching my student-guided seminar, I learned so much abut the information science field and what all one can do with a MLIS. There really are many career opportunities that do not involve working in a library. In fact, I learned that an MLIS can be applied to almost any career or job. After all, we know how to organize information and make it accessible. While employers may not know it, a MLIS can be a rather desirable degree for their employees and job candidates to posses. Also, I have learned about how libraries and librarians advocate for access to information intellectual freedom, and a patron’s right to privacy, among other things. Librarians also adhere to a code of ethics outlined by the ALA and are very passionate about what they do.
I have really enjoyed being in the on campus section of this class. I enjoy going to class each week and engaging in intelligent discussions with my classmates. We always seem to have a good, well-rounded discussion where we feel comfortable voicing our opinions. Everyone always brings their own experiences, perspectives, and stories to the table. Particularly, I have liked the student-guided seminars, which have given us all the opportunity to lead the class discussion and research our respective topics and recommend readings to our classmates.
I do not believe that I have learned any thing that has made me think differently about the LIS profession. More accurately, what I have learned has made me think about the LIS profession more in depth and through new and different perspectives.


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