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March 18, 2013

Disruptive Library Technology Jester-
This blog was started and is maintained by Peter Murray, Assistant Director in the Technology Services Development at Lyrasis. Lyrasis is a company that “collaborates with libraries and information professionals to transform their institutions, operations, and technologies, enabling them to meet the current and future needs of library users more effectively and with greater efficiency” (Murray, 2013). Murray’s blog is mainly an outlet for his ideas, concepts, and references. The blog’s tagline is “We’re Disrupted, We’re Librarians, and We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore” (Murray, 2013).

Issues Discussed
As the title suggests, this blog is about technology. The technology is discussed as it relates to library information science. The main issues discussed in the blog posts are about changes in the world of technology and how it affects the field of library information science. The blog is first and foremost an outlet for the author to discuss his ideas and observations about these new technologies (Murray, 2013).
One of Murray’s posts that I found particularly interesting is about the ALA and open source communities. In the post from February Murray encourages library professional to vote in favor of including his talk about open source software at an “ignite” session at the ALA conference in Chicago this summer (Murray, 2013). Murray believes open source communities are greatly important. Murray’s presentation would show libraries how they can be part of an open source community (Murray, 2013). If Murray is able to give his presentation I look forward to attending it if I am able to go to the conference.
Not all of the posts are library related another post from February is a review of an Airbender Keyboard for an iPad. The iPad attaches to the keyboard to give it more of a laptop feel. For the most part Murray seems to have positive feelings about the keyboard with only a few issues (Murray, 2013). This is the only post that is not directly related to library information science.

Personal Observations
This blog has more posts than the other one I followed. There are an average of 3-4 posts per month. However, a number of the links to the posts do not work. On the main page of the blog one can look at a list of links to posts by category, tags, or dates. Looking at the posts by date, two of the three links to posts for January do not work. All three links to posts work for the month of February while three out of four do not work for March. I tried searching for the title of the post as well but with no luck. Perhaps the posts were removed and that is why they cannot be found.

What I Learned
I learned more about technology and how it relates to the field of library information science. This would be a great resource to read about changing technologies from the perspective of someone in the field. The blog name and tagline are catchy and memorable. Honestly, the name is why I chose this blog in the first place. However, I was not as impressed with the blog as I thought I would be. Still, if you have some extra time check it out. Hopefully more of the links to blog posts will be working.


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