Job Analysis Part 2/Job 2

February 22, 2013

This post is a continuation of my previous Job Analysis post. In this entry I will talk about the skills and education I have and the skills and education I need to be hired for the second job I analyzed. The second job I analyzed was the Digital Archive Cataloging Librarian position at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS).

Skills, Competencies, and Knowledge Required:
The applicant should posses a Master’s degree in Library Information Science from an ALA accredited program. If hired he/she will review others’ work and correct cataloging errors and perform online original cataloging for photographs and digital images according to in-house guidelines. Duties will also include describing visual content of mages and assign controlled vocabulary terms, maintaining accuracy and consistency and update catalog records when needed. Other responsibilities include researching and verifying name, subject, and headings to conform appropriate authority files and in-house conventions and handle photographic and archival materials with care according to in-house guidelines. The applicant must have one year of relevant cataloging experience, as well as experience cataloging using an online bibliographic utility applying AACR2 standards and LC classification system subject headings as well as experience of cataloging using non-MARC formats. The applicant should also have attention to detail, strong communication skills, and the ability to work independently or as part of a team. Knowledge of film history is also highly desired.

Skills, Competencies, and Knowledge I bring to the Table Today:
Right now, I am more qualified for this job than the one at the NMAACH. I already have one year of archival experience in cataloging, however the AMPAS uses a different system than we use at The Wright Museum. I have only used MARC for cataloging. Having worked in archives for three years, I know how to properly handle delicate and sensitive material. Even though the AMPAS guidelines are different from The Wright Museum, I know how to adhere to guidelines once I learn them. I have use the Library of Congress classification system subject heading when cataloging books, DVDs, magazines, and other archival materials. My time at The Wright Museum has given me a great attention to detail.

Education, Certificates, Experience Needed Obtain this Job:
Obviously the first step I need to take is completing my MLIS and Archival Administration certificate. Taking electives in digital archives would be a smart idea. And as I have already mentioned, I plan to do just that. I also need experience using different databases and AACR2 standards. I should look for entry-level cataloging jobs, internships, or practicums that use AACR2 and something other than the MARC format. Most of my cataloging experience is from cataloging books. I need to obtain more experience cataloging photographs and digital items. This can be done through me asking for assignments like these at The Wright Museum. Even though I love movies, I do not posses a vast knowledge of the film industry or history. I see this as an excuse to watch classis movies and research the film industry.

Consider if I Should revise my Personal Goal/Objectives Posted Earlier:
Again, I do not think I really need to revise my goals listed earlier. This is still and archival position that involves digital archives and preservation. I may need to take some extra cataloging classes I had not planned on though.

I really like the sound of this job and hope I am able to find something similar to it when I graduate.

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