Job Analysis Part 2/Job 1

February 22, 2013

This post is a continuation of my previous Job Analysis posts. In this entry I will talk about the skills and education I have and the skills and education I need to be hired for the first position I analyzed. The first job I analyzed was the Archivist position at the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Skills, Competencies, and Knowledge Required:
Bachelor’s degree in archival science or a bachelor’s degree with a major that included 18 semester hours in archival science or related field or a combination of education and experience- at least 30 semester hours that included courses shown above, plus appropriate experience or supplemental education.

The position requires the applicant to be able to create and implement the NMAAHC organizational plan for archival and photographic collections, video, sound, and various digital media. The position also requires that the applicant develop and implement formal policies and procedures for collections access and consult with museum staff to ensure security and preservation of collections. Organize, enter, and maintain information concerning collections in the Smithsonian database and other appropriate national and international databases. Also, the applicant if hired will provide day-to-day management of the Archives unit. Finally, the job requires the applicant to have one-year full time experience at the Grade 12 level in a position similar to this job posting.

Skills, Competencies, and Knowledge I Bring to the Table Today:
Right now, I do not meet many, if any, of the requirements this job lists. While I have a bachelor’s degree, it is not in the required field. While I do have about three years experience working in an archives not all that time was as a paid employee. Only about a year of the experience is as a paid employee, but only part time and nowhere near the pay grade required. Furthermore, the main thing I do at the Wright Museum archives is process and catalog collections. I have never had to create or implement any plans or policy; the Wright Museum already has the implemented plans and policy, I just follow them. Right now, the main required skill I have is probably the part about entering the information about collections into the Smithsonian database, this is assuming their database is similar to the one used by The Wright Museum which Archivists Toolkit. Even if it is not the same, since I already know one database, I will probably be able to learn another fairly easily. In conclusion, I am definitely not qualified to do this job, right now.

Education, Certificates, Experience Needed:
Like I said, as of right now, I am definitely not qualified for this job. There is a lot of additional education and experience I need before I could even consider applying for a job like this.

Even though it is not listed, I think completing the MLIS program with the Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration would fulfill the education requirements. If anything it would make me more desirable to have arrival education at the graduate level as opposed to the undergraduate level. First and foremost, I need to earn my MLIS and Archival Administration certificate. As far as experience goes, I need more at a higher level with more responsibilities. Perhaps, I could look for a job within the Smithsonian but at a more entry-level position. This would give me contacts as well as experience so when an Archivist position opens up I will already have my foot in the door. Even if I cannot find an entry-level position at the NMAACH or Smithsonian any full-time entry-level position at any archives would be a good start. Basically, I will need to work my way up. This job also requires some preservation and restoration, as I mentioned earlier I already plan on taking two electives that cover just that. This, I feel is a good start; I may however need to take additional courses or maybe look into another certificate focusing specifically on preservation. I could also look for internships dealing specifically with preservation and restoration to get some practical experience. In conclusion, I have a long way to go before I would qualify for a job like this. It may not be anytime soon, but one day I will qualify for a job like this and I will get a job like this.

Should I revise my Personal Goals and Objectives:
I do not think I really need to revise my personal goals listed in an earlier post. I said that I wanted to work in archives and this is an archival position. I did also mention that I am interested in digital conservation and preservation. This NMAACH job is not all about preservation but it does involve it in some capacity. I think I am on track with the goals and objectives listed earlier. Though, who knows, they may still change as I progress though the program and see what all is out there is terms of jobs.

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