Job Analysis Part 1/Job 2

February 22, 2013

This job is through the Academy of Motion Picture Art & Sciences (AMPAS) in their film archives. I have always loved movies and my sister is always telling me I should work in the film industry. That’s is actually what lead me to look for recent listings in film and TV. This lead me to the AMPAS website and quite frankly what I think is an awesome job posting. I only wish I had thought of this before I conducted my student guided seminar on information science careers beyond the library.

Job Title:
Digital Archive Cataloging Librarian

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS)

Salary Range:
Not Listed

Job Summary:
The Digital Archive Cataloging Librarian works under the Digital Archivist and will conduct data clean up of existing records and other image databases and catalog digital images as they are acquired.

To me, this job sounds amazing. Not only am I interested in digital libraries, archives, and preservation, but I also love movies. I also enjoy cataloging and have a bit of experience cataloging at The Wright Museum. This job would allow me to combine things that I love and am very interested in.

The applicant if hired will review others’ work and correct cataloging errors in the digital asset management system; perform online original descriptive cataloging for photographs and digital images according to in-house guidelines. Duties will also include describing visual content of mages and assign controlled vocabulary terms, maintaining accuracy and consistency and update catalog records when needed. Other responsibilities include researching and verifying name, subject, and headings to conform appropriate authority files and in-house conventions and handle photographic and archival materials with care according to in-house guidelines.

I would say that the original cataloging is what attracts me to this job the most. I mentioned earlier that I am looking forward to taking LIS 7750 Introduction to Library and Archival Preservation and LIS 7730 Administration of Visual Collections for my Archival Administration certificate. I think LIS 7730 would be a very relevant class for this job.

Master’s degree in Library Information Science from an ALA accredited program.

A MLIS is both a reasonable requirement and expected. I would have been surprised had it not been listed.

The applicant must have one year of relevant cataloging experience, as well as experience cataloging using an online bibliographic utility applying AACR2 standards and LC classification system subject headings as well as experience of cataloging using non-MARC formats. The applicant should understand how to properly handle photographs and other archival materials. The applicant should also have attention to detail, strong communication skills, and the ability to work independently or as part of a team. Knowledge of film history is also highly desired.

I am not familiar with AACR2, in fact I had never heard of it. A quick Google search fixed that. AACR2 stands for Anglo-American Cataloging Rules. It is designed for use in the construction of catalogues in libraries and archives of all sizes (About AACR2 2006). LC, I assume means Library of Congress. The Library of Congress classification system is commonly used in libraries and archives across the nation.
Cataloging experience is another expected requirement. I like that it only asks for one year experience which means this job could be in my more immediate future than the first. Looking at all of the listed requirements, they all seem very reasonable and typical. Attention to detail is essential when cataloging, as is knowledge of multiple cataloging systems. I really like that part of the working environment is working independently. While I can, and do enjoy working with a team I must admit I prefer working alone, especially when cataloging. I like that I would be able to plug into my iPod and do my cataloging thing.

I have to admit that even though I said I always wanted to end up in archives in Washington D.C. I like this job better. I really like cataloging and digital archives. The fact that this job is also related to the film industry in just buttercream icing on the chocolate cake.

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