Personal Goals/Objectives

January 26, 2013

I am going to be blatantly honest.  My time in the Library Information Science (LIS) program at Wayne State is about finding a job; that is my end game.  Of course, I would not be in this program if I did not want to pursue LIS as a career.

My main goal is to find a job within a few months after I graduate.  Not just any job, but one that I want to do and will look forward to going to every day.  Continuing with blatant honesty, I also want a job that pays well.  I do not need to make a lot of money, but I do not think a job that pays enough to cover all my expenses (rent, insurance, food, etc.) and leaves some left over for savings and a life is too much too ask for.  Basically, I do not want to live paycheck to paycheck.  Oh yeah, benefits would be nice too. Unfortunately, in today’s world that may be a pretty tall order.  I hope my expectations are not too high.  I just need to try to remain optimistic, which is not one of my strengths.

My objectives while in the program include taking the courses that will make me desirable to potential employers and gaining the necessary experience that will make them want to hire me.  My plan is to be as practical as possible in my elective choices while still taking my own interests into account.  However, in the end I am going to go with what I believe will get me hired.  Going in this direction, I do plan on earning a Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration.  But lately, I have been thinking Records Information Management might be better in terms of job opportunities.  I would like to take the introductory course to determine if Records Information Management is something I would like to pursue. Furthermore, I am also interested in Special Collections, specifically rare books, manuscripts, and photographs.  In respect to Special Collections, I am very interested in conservation and have my eye on a couple electives tailored to just that.  As you can see I am all over the place in my goals and objectives while in the LIS program.  This is something I hope to have more figured out by the end of my first semester.  Through taking my first classes and completing my Plan of Work I will hopefully have a more concrete plan for the rest of my time at Wayne State.

Right now, my career plans are pretty much just as ambiguous as my plan for the LIS program.  Ideally, I would like to work in Washington, D.C., particularly the National Archives.  More specifically, I would like to work in digital preservation and conservation.  For now, my game plan is to monitor job postings and listerves to see what is out there.  I will pick out the jobs that interest me and make my elective selections based on what these jobs are looking for in a candidate.  Also, I will use these job postings to find internships that will get me the experience I need.  In the end, I will try not to be too picky in my job search.  I already know I will move almost anywhere for a job.

Something else I hope to achieve throughout my studies are good grades.  It has been a while since I have been a student and as a result I am scared of failing.  That is probably my biggest fear this first semester, not being able to cut it in a graduate school setting.

Despite my fear of failing.  I am going to do the best I can and remain confident that not only will I thrive in the LIS program, but that it will also lead to a great job that I love.



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